Patient Stories

Your lives with thyroid eye disease

Louise saw her GP and an optician, neither of them recognised the early symptoms of her thyroid eye disease

Louise tells us that even though she has had surgery to lesson the visual impact of her TED she is still impacted psychologically by the disease.

Julia is awaiting a surgery date, and has been waiting for more than 18 months

Julia says she’s been through a traumatic experience without much help and that you have to help yourself by learning as much as you can about thyroid eye disease.

Victoria had to self diagnose her TED and feels there isn’t enough support

Victoria talks candidly about how self-conscious thyroid eye disease makes her feel, to the point where she doesn’t look in the mirror or like people see her up close.

Paula’s says TED is a lonely disease, but the TEDct community helped enormously

Paula had a long road through TED including decompression surgery, but she recovered and feels she is virtually back to her ‘pre-TED’ self. Her experiences motivated her to get involved with TEDct and she was a valued TEDct volunteer for many years.

Lynne tells us how changing her diet helped her with her Graves’ and TED

Lynne did the talk in this video for a TEDct patient information event a few years ago. She found that changing her diet had a beneficial effect on her Graves and TED.

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Everything you need to know about getting a second opinion for your thyroid eye disease.

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TEDct offers £500 bursaries

To support eduction in TED, TEDct is offering bursaries of up to, and in excess of £500 to healthcare professionals working with TED patients.

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