Research is essential to improving the lives of people with TED, and eventually to curing and preventing the condition.

Academic prizes

We sponsor prizes at certain academic conferences for the best pieces of research related to thyroid eye disease presented at the meeting. The aim of this is to encourage the sharing of research ideas, and to raise awareness of thyroid eye disease as a research topic. Currently we sponsor prizes at the British Oculoplastic Surgical Society annual meeting and the Society for Endocrinology conference.

Research funding: Small grant awards

TEDct offers small research grants up to once per year to fund research directly related to thyroid eye disease. Grants of up to £15000 are awarded in partnership with the large eye research charity Fight for Sight, and researchers should check the FFS website for applications and deadlines.

For queries regarding the scheme, please contact, and for advice on whether a research topic may be applicable to our grant, please contact

Previous award winners have included: