Lynne changed her diet to help her with her Graves' and TED

Changing diet

Lynne found that changing her diet helped her TED, and she told us her personal story at a patient information meeting a few years ago.

Researchers are beginning to understand more about how the ‘microbiome’, or the ‘friendly bacteria’ living in our bodies, may affect autoimmune disease. Our microbiomes may be affected by our diets. Some other dietary components such as selenium and vitamin D may also be important in protecting us from thyroid eye disease. It can be very difficult to do research about diet, especially for rarer conditions such as TED, so we don’t know yet which, if any, dietary changes may be truly beneficial; TEDct therefore cannot recommend any specific diet as best for TED.

Lynne’s story is interesting and raises questions about whether changes such as increasing intake of fermented foods could be helpful.

Please talk to your doctors before making any big changes to your diet, as everyone’s individual needs are different.