TEDct Strengthens Support Networks

Announcing the partnership between The Wren Project and TEDct.

We have some exciting news to share!

TEDct is teaming up with The Wren Project in a significant partnership. This collaboration is a big step forward in our efforts to provide better support and resources for people affected by autoimmune diseases, especially thyroid eye disease (TED).

The Wren Project

The Wren Project is all about giving free, ongoing, one-on-one support to people diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. They’re here to listen, offer understanding, and help patients cope with the challenges of their conditions. Their caring approach has made a real difference in many lives.

Our work with charity partners means we are able to offer another arm of support, by way of free, one-to-one ongoing listening sessions. These are available to anyone who is in distress as a result of their autoimmune diagnosis.

The Wren Project


TEDct (The Thyroid Eye Disease Charitable Trust) focuses on spreading awareness and understanding of thyroid eye disease. The rare disease charity aims to make sure people know about TED, advocate for better support and resources, and build a supportive community for those dealing with this condition. TEDct wants to improve the lives of TED patients by pushing for earlier diagnosis and making sure they get the care and support they need.

Creating a stronger support system for TED sufferers

Together, The Wren Project and TEDct are teaming up to create a stronger support system for people with autoimmune diseases, now including TED. The Wren Project will provide an extra level of emotional support to help TED sufferers face the difficult journey that the disease forces them to take. Vital, even life-saving support, that has been flagged up as desperately lacking in the TED community until now.

We’re particularly excited about The Wren Project offering free, structured one-on-one support specifically for TED patients:

We give recipients of our support the opportunity to use the Wren listening sessions to focus entirely on emotional and psychosocial support with expertly-trained volunteers. Our support is not one-off; if someone begins support with the Wren Project they begin fortnightly appointments for a minimum of three months with the same volunteer.

The Wren Project

TEDct and The Wren Project are determined to make a real difference in the lives of those dealing with autoimmune diseases like thyroid eye disease.

Find out more

If you want to learn more about The Wren Project and TEDct, check out our websites:

You can self-refer or refer someone else for emotional support at The Wren Project here.

If you need to access specialised support for thyroid eye disease from TEDct please find it here. Support includes a TED national telephone helpline and Thyroid Eye Disease support UK, a peer-to-peer Facebook support group.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. Together, we can build stronger support networks and help people affected by autoimmune diseases live their best lives.