Bayer Ophthalmology Honours Judges’ Special Award Presented to the TEAMeD

TEAMeD (Thyroid Eye Disease Amsterdam Declaration Implementation Group UK) was presented with the Bayer Ophthalmology Honours Judges’ Special Award on Thursday 3rd December 2015 for their work on improving outcomes for patients with thyroid eye disease through prevention, early diagnosis and early intervention.

TEAMeD was established in 2010 and comprises 12 representatives, both patient and medical, of eight stakeholder organisations, including the TEDct.

“Thyroid eye disease is a disfiguring condition which causes swelling around the eyes, “starey” eyes, double vision and sometimes loss of vision”, said Prof Colin Dayan, thyroid specialist from Cardiff University and Chair of TEAMeD. “Over 50,000 people in the UK are affected and many could avoid years of social isolation and reconstructive surgery if the condition were recognised and referred early to appropriate specialists. We have brought patient and professional organisations together to collect data on delays and treatment variation around the UK, as well as achieve consensus on referral guidelines and best practice with eye specialists and physicians. Currently only 20% of patients are ever seen in a specialist multidisciplinary clinic. We aim to halve the time from first symptoms to being seen by a specialist, and increase the percentage being cared for by specialists with extensive experience of this condition. We are delighted that the Judges valued our work, and hope that this award will also help to raise awareness of the importance of prompt referral to specialist care to improve outcomes in Thyroid Eye Disease.”

Julie McLaren, Patient Representative of the Thyroid Eye Disease Charitable Trust, based in Bristol, said: “As a patient representative on TEAMeD, I am very pleased that the hard work of all TEAMeD members has been recognised by this award. TEAMeD members are committed to improving outcomes for those patients affected by Thyroid Eye Disease.”

The Judges commented: “This is a fantastic team providing fantastic care. It is an amazing initiative which doesn’t quite fit into any single category in this year’s awards but it has strong aspects of each of the three group categories and so all of the judging panel agreed that this entry should be recognised and awarded the Judges’ Special Award. The performance of this team is outstanding and a thorough service is being provided which is something that patients will really benefit from. We believe that one day every Trust will be using their guidelines.” The judges also felt that TEAMeD’s achievements had potential for global impact.